WebCam Info

Following a change in server it has been decided to drop the Webcam and streamed video.

The central WebCam image can now be controlled via the web, you can choose the source to view by clicking the small buttons below the image.  You will need to wait for the image to refresh before the new selection is seen, unless using the streaming option.

The source of the WebCam images comes from the shack of G8DHE located 19 Kms or 12 miles West of the repeaters (and may from time to time show images other than the repeaters!).

Reports, problems or questions to

In addition to the simple WebCam there is also a video streaming source which can be selected by clicking the button marked Streaming to the right, this uses Port 8080 for the stream so if you are behind a Firewall or a proxy server you may need to make / arrange for configuration changes.

These links are experimental and reports would be appreciated. 

One previous problem has now been solved, an interaction between MS Java Virtua machine / Sun Java and HTTP1.1 headers - if you previously recieved only a RED CROSS in the streaming window, then please clear your cache files and it should now work.

Testing has been carried out using IE6, Netscape 4, and Firefox 1.01, reports for other browsers would be appreciated.