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November 2023 It appears that it is time to windup the old Worthing Video Repeater Group.
Following a number of changes at the Brighton repeater site the costs of continuing to run the site had become uneconomic.
As such the various assets have been distributed to other local repeater groups in order to assist them and make best use of the equipment.
The groups website will continue to run for a period but the domains will not be renewed beyond there current expiry dates of November 2026.
A number of voice repeaters covering the area are now operating from various sites under the control of West Sussex Coastal Repeater Group
October 2008 The archives have now been updated with 176 pictures and links to some old information relating to Kits, Aerials and other helpful modifications.
April 2008 Peter G4PAP will be giving a talk to the Worthing Radio club on Wednesday 23rd April
February 2008 Two faults have developed;
 the first is the Digital output from GB3RV which appears to be a problem with the digital video encoder itself, this is being investigated,
the second appears to be a fault with the GB3VV which appears to be a failure of the PA at this time, investigations are underway.
May 2007 The server providing the webcam and streaming services has failed - given the current usage it is not envisaged that it will be replaced.
October 2005 A power outage 21st Oct 13:00 appears to have tripped the power feed to all the repeaters, investigations are in place at this time & resolved by 17:45.
March 2005 Changes to the WebCam streaming links have now resolved problems with Java, see Webcam Info for further details.
March 2005 The power to our site is being frequently interrupted at present, which on occasions causes one of the computers to fail to boot properly, requiring a manual intervention on-site which can take 24 hours in some instances.  Problems are now resolved.
January 2005 Intermittent problems with a 12volt power pack are causing outages on the GB3VR / GB3RV analogue transmissions - it is being looked at currently 29/01/2005.  This has now been resolved.
July 2004 Short ( 1 day) failure of Webcam Quad image when a 0.1uF SMD decoupling capacitor failed S/C in Quad processor.
June 2004 Reports on the WebCam pictures or any problems in loading the central image would be appreciated to
May 2004 The Digital NoV has been received for GB3RV and the digital o/p is now operational.
April 2004 The new web site is made available.
Jan 2004 The group has decided to revamp the web site.